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26 May 2009 @ 05:15 pm
My journal is friends only. If

1.) I do not know you IRL
2.) I Have not MET you before IRL
3.) You already STALK me
4.) You want to add me just so they can get to know me BEFORE talking to me

Then do not bother trying to send a friend request because I will not accept it anyhow. If you DO want me to add you, do the following below

1.) Met me before
2.) Talked with me OUTSIDE of cosplay
3.) don't sound like a creepy stalker geezer
4.) Don't sound like a creepy stalker PERIOD.
5.) Get to know me
6.) Name one thing that you learned about me and post it here.

Otherwise, I'm not adding you. I've had too many people wanting to know wth I'm doing without getting to know me and a MAJORITY OF THEM, almost ALWAYS jsut wants me to be their sexy freaken cosplay skankilicious girl buddy which I do not like -_-.
21 August 2008 @ 10:34 pm
Well, lets just say I can possibly go to Anime USA if I can find my stupid work's calender which allows us to take certain days off or w/e but my stupid manager had to take it away so now..I gotta go around the entire studio just to find the forsaken thing >_>;;; Katsucon I know for sure that I can't go to since its on the week of Valentine's day D:. And I was so hoping to bring Chalu back there T_T. OH OH! GOOD NEWS!! I GOT MY SWORD PUT BACK TOGETHER!!! YIPEEEEEE xDDDD. It actually doesn't look like it broke in the first place O_o;;; probably cause I had to tape it down, mod-podge, paint it, tape it more, repeat etc etc and put it together in tact :O. The blade looks a little damaged though but that's ok! least its in tact this time and not in pieces xP.

Well, I have my upcoming list of cosplay I wanna do already. Not sure if my other friends are gonna do ToD2 this year but if they do totally going as Roni. Then I have Ephraim from Fire Emblem and Minato Arisato from Persona 3. It'll be fun..it'll be reeeeeeeaaaaallll fun xD.
13 August 2008 @ 07:20 pm
Wow, ok so I made a live journal for god knows what and I have no idea how to use this forsaken thing LOL!! Someone wanna tell me? xD